Guest post: X-Changing Faces

X-Changing Faces.jpg

X-Changing Faces first came together for a charity comedy night in March of this year so this is our first year performing at the Fringe. The Just Festival will only be our second performance ever (ahh!) but we are of course totally confident that we will have everyone in hysterics. We are improvised comedians which means that none of the lines or jokes are rehearsed, we make it all up on the spot using suggestions from the audience. Meaning the audience can have a little fun making our lives difficult…
The format however is planned, so every week we get together to practice the improvised games we will be playing at the show. This normally involves a lot jumping around, funny voices and laughing at our own jokes. Cause if you can’t laugh at yourself then who’s gonna?
Our usual practice spot is Katie’s office (if you go to the show she’s the short one with the
Glaswegian accent) which has obviously provided much amusement for any of her colleagues staying late. They’re all buying tickets so clearly we must be brilliant.
Half the money from the ticket sales is going to the charity Changing Faces, Scotland’s only charity for everyone with a mark, scar or condition that makes them look different. Their aim is to create a future where everyone with a visible difference on their face or body has the confidence, support and opportunity to live the lives they want.
So join us at 5.30pm on Saturday 18 th August for a night of laughs and do a good deed in amongst all the hedonistic antics of the Fringe! See you there.
- X-Changing Faces