Natural Sciences trained, Mike Bonaventura holds an honorary professorship in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Glasgow, a doctorate [PhD] in Artificial Intelligence, is an external examiner at the Centre for Climate Justice at Glasgow Caledonian University, is a (lapsed) chartered engineer [IEE C.Eng.] and co-inventor of three software patents in decision-making systems.

Over the last 16 years he has designed the market infrastructure for the trade of environmental instruments (RECs, UN CDM offsets, voluntary offsets); led a post-graduate teaching and research institute, working at the intersection of environment and society; and contributed to ClimateXChange, Scotland’s Centre of Expertise for Climate Science, as a Principal Investigator in research programmes in climate justice and climate adaptation. He is currently working on understanding how to prevent commercial food waste as a contribution to achieving target SDG12.3 in the transition to sustainable food systems.