Iain Macfarlane is the CEO of Blue Triangle a homelessness organisation who support over 400 people every day, in 35 services, across 9 local authorities in Scotland. They operate at the intersection of social care and social justice and support people at the higher and highest end of need, both young people and adults. Over 90% of the people they support have experienced trauma in childhood or as an adult, over 80% have lived or living experience of addiction, over 70% have a history of repeat homelessness, and over 60% have a history of repeat offending. They see the person, and nurture their potential, focusing on their Mission to Empower People to Thrive.

An economist, chartered banker, and Partner in some of the large professional services firms, Iain returned to his roots when commencing in post with Blue Triangle in Q4 2020. He brings his own lived experience and his heart to the role in addition to his corporate experience of driving collaborative whole system change across the UK and beyond. He is passionate about bringing hope, positive connections, and lasting relationships to the lives of those who need it most, allowing them to step into a new future, as no one’s past should define who they are today.