Just Festival

Edinburgh’s social justice and human rights festival

Just Platform

Just Platform is a new initiative by Just Festival to help our audiences, stakeholders and local community to continue online conversations, events and meetings and promote your work all year round. So we welcome third sector, faith, arts, community or activist groups to gather in our virtual meeting space. We can help you to reach a larger audience or just invite special attendees through our Zoom Webinar facilities. Additionally, we can also provide eventbrite ticketing and promotion plus, if required, technical support and event management which will require a small fee. If you would have an idea, project or group that could use our online space or would like to find out more about Just Platform please email info@just-festival.org

STAGED FOR LIFE is an initiative supported by the Voluntary Action Fund for young people aged 16-25.

We held 5 zoom events through March 2021 – thanks to all those that attended and a big thank you to the speakers and presenters.

We’ll post details of future events here, please check back soon or email info@just-festival.org.